Other Locations

Studio di Osteopatia Marco Abbro - Corso Umberto I, 329 - 84013 - Cava de Tirreni, Salerno

Centro Operativo di Firenze - Fondazione C.O.ME. Collaboration Onlus - c/o CMO - Via Ungheria 32 - Firenze - Referente Nicola Barsotti

Centro Operativo dell’Isola d’Elba - Fondazione C.O.ME. Collaboration Onlus - c/o Osteonatura - Via Traversa, 22 - 57038 - Rio Marina, Livorno - Referente Alessio Iacopini

Studio di Osteopatia Alessandra Pisano - via Pinerolo 4 - Roma

Studio di Osteopatia Alessandro Aquino - via Suor Maria Pellettier, 4 - Monza

Studio di Osteopatia Diego Lanaro - Via Colombo 11/17 - Genova

Centro Operativo di Vasto - Fondazione C.O.ME. Collaboration Onlus - Corso Europa 29 - Vasto - Referenti Cerritelli Francesco - Sonia Travaglini

Centro Operativo Trentino Alto Adige - Fondazione C.O.ME. Collaboration Onlus - Galleria Raffaello Sernesi , 9 - 39100 - Galerie Bolzano-Bozen - Referente Andrea Ghedina

Studio di Osteopatia Christian Lunghi - Via Ippolito Nievo 62 - scala C int. 16 - Roma

Osteopaths with high-profile professional experience ensure free osteopathic treatments to disadvantaged children with disabilities, in pediatric age, even after discharge from the hospital.

This support contributes to the care of children and improves their motor and cognitive development. Children receive benefits in terms of social behavior, and of better quality of life.

The project unfolds in various ways.
Children, individually or with the help of Organizations or Associations, are treated in the centers associated with the project throughout Italy.
On request of the Associations or other private organizations, C.O.ME Collaboration Onlus Foundation periodically organizes H“Hand to Hand” days in Italy, targeted at improving the psycho-physical health of children : the child, accompanied by family members, is welcomed in an intimate and relaxing environment to receive osteopathic treatment.

The C.O.ME Foundation annually organizes humanitarian missions to non-European countries.

Associations willing to organize meetings may ask further information to: info@theraise.org

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